Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Shit goes sideways | ep-038

It's not "if" things are going to go bad, but "when". This week we talk about how to deal your emotions/feelings when shit goes sideways. Many cases we believe that you should plan for worst case situations so you aren't completely surprised when something comes up. We recorded this episode live at Porch Growler in Worthington, OH, a place you will definitely want to check out if in Central Ohio!


Discussion Starts at 0:36:35

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Podcast show notes:
- Porch Growler | http://www.porchgrowler.com
- Urban Artifact - Chariot | http://www.artifactbeer.com/
- North High Brewing - Wildcard | http://www.northhighbrewing.com/
- Rhinegeist - Roar | https://rhinegeist.com/
- Deweys Pizza | http://deweyspizza.com/
- Knotty Pine Brewing | https://www.knottypinebrewing.net/
- 2Toms | https://www.amazon.com/2Toms-SportShield-Roll-Sweatproof-Waterproof/dp/B001CJX1UY/

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