Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Running, Beer and BS 50k | ep-028

We take a deep dive into the Running, Beer and BS 50k running tour that took place on July 14th. Listen to our opinions about all the brewery stops along the way, as well as, some crazy moments running between them all. As always we hold nothing back, so you are getting all out raw opinions! It's a long episode but it is one you do not want to miss.


Reach out to us on the socials and introduce yourself! We are always excited to meet runners and hear your stories.

Podcast show notes:
- Actual Brewing Company - Fat Julian | https://www.actualbrewing.com/
- Bad Case of the Runs | www.badcaseoftheruns.com
- Pigskin Brewing | https://pigskinbrewingcompany.com/
- Platform Brewing | https://platformbeer.co/
- Land Grant Brewing | https://www.landgrantbrewing.com/
- Hoof Hearted Brewing | http://www.hoofheartedbrewing.com/
- Four Strings Brewing | http://www.fourstringbrewing.com/
- Lineage Brewing | http://www.lineagebrew.com/
- Zaftig Brewing | https://www.drinkzaftig.com/
- 20 Miles for 20 Children | https://www.facebook.com/events/207846560067278/212840079567926

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